Eyelid Abnormalities

As one ages, the eyelids can droop. When the upper lid becomes droopy, it is called a ptosis. When the lower lid droops this is called an ectropion. When the lower lid turns in, the eyelashes can rub against the eyes and this is called an entropion.
Ptosis - As the upper lid droops, it will obstruct and affect the top half of your vision.  Symptoms are worse at the end of the day and when tired.  The patient has a tired appearance.
Ectropion— When the lower lids droop, the eye and eyelids can become sore and red. Because the tears cannot drain into the eyelids, the eyes become watery. With time, the eyelids will droop more and become more unsightly.
Entropion. Below is an example of a patient with a lower lid that is turned in. The eyelashes are rubbing the eyes and causing much irritation. This can be successfully repaired with eyelid surgery.
   Ptosis - Before   
 Ptosis - After 
  Ectropion - Before   
  Ectropion - After
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